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What's new in @eGlance 2017.1?

@eGlance version 2017.1 is now available to download.

user help • 06/06/2016

What's new in version 2017.1?
  1. Fully updated for new financial year
    Version 2017.1 incorporates tax and other changes made for the financial year 2016-17. All calculators and tables have been updated and modified where appropriate.

  2. Leading Cases
    Of course, Leading Cases has also been fully updated.

  3. Formatted reports 
    Remember that you can now print-out formatted reports of your calculations to support your client's case in negotiations or in court. 

  4. Duxbury life expectancy table change
    This year the life expectancy table used as the basis of the Duxbury calculator is ONS14 (as opposed to ONS12 last year), for the reasons set out within that module. As in the last 7 years, the calculator again contains a short-term 'quantitative easing' adjustment to the assumptions to reflect continuing constraints in financial markets. The rationale for this is also described on the Information screen in the Duxbury Calculations module. 

  5. New material
    We have new material: a table of Income Tax and National Insurance Marginal Deductions and a link to a Social Security Benefits calculator (with the benefits system in such a state of flux it is not viable to maintain our own). 

  6. Stamp Duty
    The revisions to Stamp Duty Land Tax are fully reflected within the Stamp Duty module 

  7. e-filing pilot scheme
    Within Guidance you will find a notification concerning the e-filing pilot scheme for certain financial remedy documentation in the Financial Remedies Unit of the Central Family Court. 

  8. Modules no longer available
    Sadly, due to decisions taken by our resource providers, data for both Child Care Costs and Car Running Costs are no longer available, so those modules no longer appear. 

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