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@eGlance features checklist

Read this for a quick resume of all the calculators and resources available on @eGlance

user help • 27/01/2016

The full Commentary on the FPR 2010, written by the editors of At A Glance and @eGlance, is that also available in the best-selling Financial Remedies Practice. It comes in @eGlance with the added bonus that it is updated twice a year and is linked to all the relevant (and updated) primary sources. All subscribers also get access to the online version at www.familyprocedure.com.

Read an extract from the latest Commentary here.

Financial Remedy Timetabler
Put in the date of your First Appointment, FDR or Final Hearing and@eGlance will calculate your case deadlines. Print out a 'back page' to store with your paper work.

Procedural Table
A fuller version of what's in At A Glance, updated when necessary and fully linked to the appropriate Rules and PDs. 

Family Procedure Rules 2010

Tolata Procedural Table
A comprehensve table showing TOLATA best practice.

Tolata Leading Cases 

Tolata Relevant Statutes 


Time Costs
Price Indexes

Monthly CPI and RPI figures updated every quarter.  No need to reach for the At A Glance book and your calculator.  

Inflation and Investments 

Interest Rates and Calculations
Enter an amount, a start date and an end date and calculate the interest accrued during this period. You may choose various different options such as using the Bank of England Base Rate, Judgment Debt Rate, Statutory charge or just your own rate. You also decide whether to use compound or simple calculations.

Compounding and Discounting
Do you want to compound or discount? Enter your amount; the number of years and @eGlance will calculate the compounded/discounted amount.

School Fees 

Tertiary Education Costs and Funding

Child Support
Calculators for all 3 regimes: 2008, 2000 and 1991.

Child benefit 

House Price Index

Choose the area, start date and end date. @eGlance will calculate how much house prices have risen/fallen over the period. Includes Savills Prime Central London index.

Mortgage costs
Calculates monthly/annual mortgage payments

Stamp Duty
Calculate the amount of stamp duty payable upon sale of a property under the new rules

Council Tax Bands

Annual tax on enveloped dwellings 

Housing Benefits 

New car data

A table of data of the cost of a range new cars and their CO2 ratings. 

Company Cars
Includes information on Company Car Benefit, Company Car Fuel Benefit and Business Travel Mileage Rates

Net Income Calculator

Calculate gross salary after National Insurance and income tax. Includes new dividend tax rates and allowances. If company car and fuel tax is applicable, @eGlance will take it into account. 

Gross Salary Calculator
Enter net salary and any contributory pension and calculate gross salary.

Shares and savings
Financial Indices

The following indices are updated every quarter. Specify the period and calculate the index movement, both in total and as an annual average.:

- FTSE 100
- FTSE All Share
- Dow Jones
- Dax
- Hang Seng
- Nasdaq

Stamp Duty
Calculate the amount of stamp duty due on the sale of shares.

Pensions Overview 

Pension Sharing Procedure 

Pension Sharing Annex

Pension Attachment Annex

State age pension calculator

Life Time Support
Duxbury calculation
Enter the gender and age of the recipient and either the income required or capital sum offered. No need to interpolated figures from the book anymore.

Life expectancy
Includes Information on which life expectancy table to choose.

Life Cover
Work out how much different types of life insurance cost.

Tax and National Insurance
Income and Capital Gains Tax
Takes company car benefit, capital gains, pension contributions, dividend income and tax credits into account when calculating either employed or self-employed income tax.

Capital Gains
Calculate capital gains (including those realised before 22nd June 2010). These gains can be transferred to the Income and Capital Gains Tax calculator.

Inheritance Tax
Enter the net value of your client's estate and the amount passing to his/her spouse.

Taxing Times
Full data on when each type of tax payments need to be made, and the penalties for not doing so.

National Insurance Contributions
Calculates both contracted in and contracted out National Insurance.

Tax Credits
Includes a link to an online calculator. 

Social Security Benefits
Universal Credit

Benefits Cap 

Income replacements

Special needs


Income Support 

Tax Credits 

Pension Credits 

Housing Benefits 

Benefits Calculator 
Includes a link to an online calculator.

Foreign Change
Exchange rates
These are updated every quarter and historical data goes back to 1975. 38 currencies currently included.

Euro fixed conversion rates 

International Living Costs
Calculate what it costs to live in a foreign capital city in a specific year in relation to London.

A full raft of completely up to the minute statutory material and other essentials, all updated quarterly.

Primary Statutes

Other relevant statues 

International Instruments

FPR 2010

Other Rules



Useful Websites

Links to almost all sites of relevance to financial remedies you can think of!

All the Leading Cases in At A Glance plus more - and updated quarterly. Links to FLR Headnotes and to full judgment transcripts. Indexed in two ways: alphabetically and chronologically by topic

Time Calculator


International information (telephone codes, world times and currency information)

What's new in the latest version.

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